Before I say anything about this site I want to make a personal statement about us, the people residing on this planet and where-ever else we might be or intelligent life might be and that is: We all need to look at each other as human beings, not the color of a person's skin or culture or religion or anything else that differentiates a person outwardly and look within, to the person within. We need to stop saying I am white or I am black or I am red or yellow and quit classifying ourselves, because as soon as we do classify ourselves, we have made a divsion, a line of separation and those days are gone, if we are to survive and raise ourselves up to be something more than we are.

Don't let Hate Rule Your Lives

Our reality is measured in what we accomplish. We started as hunter gatherers or monkeys swinging from limbs in trees or created at an instant with a thought or a little of all that and far more merged together, to where we are today. Who cares? What matters is we do something that brings us to higher states. Being kind to one another, not killing one another, not letting our brothers or sisters fall into lunacy and poverty, showing love, care, compassion as an example to live by. If we could accomplish this, by doing away with extremist religious views, petty prejudices against races and cultures, we could really be something special.

Site under construction, just like I am and some stuff won't work no matter what you do.

All is mist in my eyes, each day I struggle with change, each day I move forward.

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Paintings, sculpture, drawings, digital photographic images, poetry and short stories are what this site is about. Most of everything on this site is my original work, but there will be pages devoted to other people's creative genius, charities and a blog for exchanging ideas. MAH is simply my initials and how I sign my work, Michael Andrew Harris.

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I ask myself, what am I and I have to say I am simply the upper most layer of all that has preceded me, a product of all that has happened.

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Original Creative Writings, Paintings and Photographs on Photo Premium Luster Satin paper mounted on 1/2 in.foam core board,$.75/sq. in. specify size. Original Creative Writings, Paintings and Photograph prints on Gallery canvas 1 1/2" thick. $1/sq. in. specify size.Numbered and signed.Paintings and Sculpture if available $2/sq. a general rule,but please inquire for availability and some projects simply cost more and will be priced accordingly.